How to get the most out of eBay and PayPal nowadays

For quite some time, eBay and Paypal have offered buyers discount coupons online, which allow them rebates on their purchases. EBay sellers should make use of this opportunity and start accepting payment through Paypal or eBay to increase the chances of a sale happening through the use of such coupons.

Paypal and eBay send such promotional discount coupons randomly or sometimes targeted to a specific audience through e-mails. EBay sellers have an excellent opportunity to sell their items in such a situation, as eBay also offers discount coupons on the best-selling items, non-moving items, or items that are soon going to be out of favor amongst buyers. While buyers should consider themselves lucky if they happen to get such discount coupons, which are generally non-transferable and linked to a specific e-mail ID, sellers have to ensure they offer such discounts on eBay for the items they list to have any chance of increasing their sales.

EBay sellers have to be aware that these discount coupons are sent to individuals to entice them back to the website or to promote a product. With so many options to choose from, these discount coupons save anything from a small sum to hundreds of dollars on a purchase.

Where can sellers find and offer such discount coupons to buyers? Well, these discount coupons are available on some websites that cater to specific interests related to discount coupons, rebates, and related products. But, these coupons are not always authentic and sometimes turn out to be expired, resulting in financial loss. The most important thing to remember here is that eBay and Paypal offer free discount coupons, and these are also found on various forums on their website, thus providing a secure way to access them.

Sellers may get in touch with eBay and Paypal through official forums on their respective websites and take advantage of these facilities, which enable them to offer rebates to people who buy their products through eBay, using Paypal as the payment option.

General And Specific Discount Coupons

EBay buyers and sellers have to be aware that general discount coupons can be used by anyone who makes a purchase on eBay with the payment through Paypal, while specific discount coupons are user specific and can be used only through the registered e-mail ID to which the coupon was sent. The seller has to ensure they mention acceptance of such discount coupons to entice a buyer into buying the product. Buyers who use Paypal get a secure platform of payment and sellers who accept such payments from Paypal get a wider reach to sell their product. General coupons are usually not linked to any particular e-mail ID and hence are easily distinguished from specific coupons.

These discount coupons generally have an expiration date before which the purchase has to be made to ensure the discount is applicable when buying online.

Availability of Discount Coupons

EBay and Paypal discount coupons are offered by eBay and Paypal themselves to individuals who qualify and can be because of recent purchases from eBay or being a regular customer of Paypal services.

Other sources for discount coupons can be found on the Internet; however, as these are direct, company-provided coupons. The responsibility of finding authentic discount coupons lies with the individual.

An eBay seller may also be able to provide buyers such discount coupons through these websites; however, please note that this may require some study and research to find the right sources, the methodology, and execution to the satisfaction of both parties.

When it comes to using discount coupons, the buyer has to ensure that the payment is made through Paypal and the buying from eBay for the discount to be applicable. The seller should also be registered with Paypal to accept payments, and the transaction has to be carried out over an e-mail ID associated with a Paypal account.

For an seller, offering such discount coupons work wonders as they provide an edge over regular sellers. A seller who regularly offers his customers an extra advantage of a rebate for their purchase will definitely attract a lot of hits for his listing as compared to a non rebate item.


Essential SMS Marketing Strategies

Charleville Chamber of Commerce

SMS Marketing makes for a great a way to connect directly with your customers for a host of reasons. Firstly, it allows you to instantaneously connect with your customers (existing or potential ones) through a device that they carry around with them all the time. Secondly, unlike email, text messages are almost always accessed and read by the recipient and you don’t have to deal with barriers like junk folders and spam filters. Thirdly, the limited character length of an SMS will force you to keep your message concise, eliminating irrelevancy and superfluous information while placing a much greater emphasis on well constructed communication. Fourthly, there are over 5 billion mobile phones being actively used worldwide, giving you a reach that surpasses every other marketing medium.               Oh and did I mention… It costs next to nothing!

If you’re going to incorporate SMS marketing into your campaign strategies, here are a few tips to keep you well ahead of the competition.

v  Structuring Your Content: There are several tips to keep in mind when designing SMS content. The most important thing to remember is that you have severely limited space, so get straight to the point. Here are a few important things to remember while constructing an SMS marketing message.

• Since you don’t have a lot of space to fit in an engaging lead, everything important, i.e., the crux of your message must be placed at the beginning of the text.

• Abbreviations are a great device that allow you to fit a long message into a short space, but using too many can make your message look pushy and hard to read. Use abbreviations that are easily recognized and then, only where absolutely necessary.

• Remember not to be informal. Despite SMS being a relatively casual medium of communication, you need to remember that you’re marketing to huge demographic, so keep your messages as professional as possible. That includes a zero-tolerance approach to grammatical and typographical errors.

• Unlike many other marketing channels, SMS doesn’t allow you the luxury of images or any visual cues beyond plain text. This means your communications have to be painstakingly obvious and any attempt at innuendo or tonal variation could be misread or badly received.

• Clearly mention your company’s name and contact details and make sure you have a professional air. You don’t want to be mistaken for spam and promptly deleted.

Short Codes – It’s highly recommended that you avail of an exclusive short code and at least two keywords so that you can segment your marketing. If you intend to embark on a highly segmented campaign, get one key word for each segment. However exclusive codes can be expensive and take time to set up. If you have an urgent marketing need or a limited budget, you can use shared short codes instead.

Invest In Mailing Lists Mailing lists are a great way to capitalize on SMS marketing. Find a data partner who can help you follow a policy of targeted marketing by offering you segmented lists. A good mailing list company will not only be able to give you scores of customer contact details but will also allow you to tailor your messages toward specific demographics. This can massively increase the effectiveness of your campaign and is likely to generate a lot more business.

Offer Exclusivity – Ask customers to subscribe to your ‘VIP Offer Club’ and send them weekly offers via SMS. People like to be part of something exclusive that actually has an effect on their lives, so make sure your offers are attractive enough to make in impact. An ‘exclusive’ 5% discount doesn’t really do much.

Timing Matters – Send out offers just before the weekend and come Saturday, you’ll find customers rushing to your store. On the other hand, you also could send out time-sensitive deals in the middle of the week to maximize profits on an otherwise slow business day.

You can also send out appointment reminders to business associates and anyone else you work with. Reminders can save you a great deal of angst and boost productivity by ensuring a more punctual schedule for everyone involved.

Let them opt-out – Make sure that you offer an easy way to opt-out of receiving any further SMS communications. At the end of the day, mobiles are highly personal devices and any attempt to force your marketing material on to an unwilling recipient is going to accomplish more harm than good.

Add That Personal Touch Apart from disseminating information or offers you can use SMS marketing as a tool to cultivate customer relationships. Messaging your long-standing clients on special occasions is a great way to build trust and brand awareness. Everyone appreciates a personalized greeting. Birthdays, anniversaries and events that have personal significance are particularly effective in this respect.

In conclusion, keep your messages short, your offers attractive and your timing exquisite and you should have absolutely no problem building up a successful SMS marketing campaign. Happy texting!

Chamber of Commerce, Charleville.

How to make money from affiliate marketing

Learning affiliate marketing – affiliate programs explained. Affiliate programs are very popular on the internet. If you do not have your own product to sell and you want to have a shot at earning some money on the internet, then affiliate marketing is the way to go.

More people are discovering the power of affiliate marketing to supplement or even replace their existing income. But there are even more people who would like to have a slice of this exciting world but are unsure exactly what an affiliate program is or what it consists of.

When discussing an affiliate program, it helps to compare it to a traditional networking company where a network of salespeople and distributors are recruited to sell their products to all corners of the globe.

As an example, instead of a company selling directly to their customers it sells products through a series of distributors and salespeople. In turn, the members of this distribution and sales network enjoy a very good living by promoting the products made by others.

In essence, the affiliate programs found on the internet are distribution and sales efforts taken to the online world. The affiliate web site takes the place of the distributor and sales network, and the individual is paid by the seller of the product when a sale is made. Of course there are affiliate programs where physical products have to be shipped but there are also many other affiliate programs where only software or informational products have to be downloaded.

It is easy to understand why this arrangement is so popular, from the point of view of both the merchant and the owner of the web site. The merchant benefits from increased sales and at the same time, does not have to pay for additional advertising and he can expand his network without the need for additional and sometimes expensive advertising. The affiliate on the other hand may not have a product of his own to make money from and selling someone else’s product for a share of the selling price gives him the opportunity to start his own business.

Of course, effort is required on the part of the affiliate to promote his website and the product he is trying to sell. There are many ways that an affiliate program can be promoted. An example would be if the affiliate already has a website and a link added directly to the merchant site. It costs nothing to set up and is very easy to do with a little cut and paste.

All good affiliate programs will have a back office with tools to use and it is always advisable to protect your affiliate links and therefore your commissions, by disguising your links so that they are not chopped off or used by anyone else. You can find a good program to use to prevent theft of your commission at

Commissions paid by merchants vary. You can expect anything up to 70% or even more with some affiliate programs, but these will mainly be software downloads. If you go to Clickbank you will find thousands of such programs to promote. With these kinds of commissions, it is easy to see why the promotion of software type programs is such a great way to make money online. At the other end of the scale though some affiliate programs pay a pittance, as low as 1.5% in some cases and you will have to ask yourself if these will be worth the effort.

Affiliate programs are very popular on the internet. If you do not have your own product to sell and you want to have a shot at earning some money on the internet, then affiliate marketing is the way to go. Give a little time, effort and patience and you will be rewarded. So if you’re not already familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, why not check it out?

How to advertise your business effectively

Advertising has certainly evolved through years. It is an imperative step in any business whether you are a new player or an old one. Without advertising, running a business is extremely difficult. There are so many ample sellers and products too, so why one would buy something from you. If you are able to answer this question, you are proximate to the road to success. One can’t ignore the tough competition in the market; but to overcome it is the real challenge. One must employ different techniques to advertise products better and reach the masses. If people know about your existence, they will surely come to you.

‘Customize’ is the word of the day. It’s no wonder that in an age when even artifacts can be customized, people should make the best use of this technique to get publicity. Customization is the new-age advertising solution that works wonders for your business. Be it photo frames or ceramic mugs- people are going crazy over this modern, lively and perky concept. The business world also has the customization connect.

To sell better than others, one should proffer better to the buyers. Apart from maintaining high quality of products, it’s more about tooting your own horn. Advertising is the mantra that can lead you to growth and brighter prospects. Indeed, the overall experience of the customer matters the most. Nowadays people want ‘feel good’ experience. To offer them that experience you must pay attention on the overall visual appeal and interiors of the store. Furniture should be very stylish and attractive. Moreover, personalized posters on stylish Banner Stands can catch attention. If you have some staff working at your outlet, customized uniforms can also be a great idea to set a distinct standard of your shop. For an instance, your store name with logo and slogan printed on uniforms is a good idea. If you provide home delivery, the delivery vehicle ought to read your store name with complete address and contact details. One can also get a list of the services/ products printed on the vehicle.   Tailored carry bags is indeed a very interesting technique to make people memorize your store’s name. People tend to forget things easily. So the more customization of the related products, the more you get imprinted on peoples’ memory. Color, logo, and theme should be decided appropriately in order to stay in customers’ psyche. Hues have a lot to say about your business. Each and every aspect of the business or store must be designed keeping in mind the final outcome. Customized visuals fixed on elegant and sleek Roll-up banner stands look really attractive. Glass screens with an attractive product display and some cut-outs look very eye-catching. Roll up displays set on screen and windows are impeccable. Attractive display always helps to hook customers. So give your imagination a shape and get started.

How to get the most out of your business card

If there is one element in business that every business owner must practice and understand, it would be marketing. After all, if don’t promote your business, you won’t get any sales and profits and if there is no sales and profits, you won’t have business at all. This is why it is crucial that you market your business and promote your products and services in the quickest manner without spending a fortune. That should be your key objective in your business. The best way to achieve that would be to use none other than the business cards.

Where to get your cards:

In today’s digital world, the market is teeming with lots of printing companies, both online and offline. If you want a convenient way to transact business with a printer, the best way to go is online. You simply have to do your research in order to find the right printing company that will create your cards. Among the things you need to check on the printing companies you are considering is their expertise, experience, skill, and what their previous customers think of their job. It helps to research and do comparisons to guarantee that the printer you are choosing is the best among the pack.

Most online printing companies offer affordable prices. Some offers discounts in bulk printing and guarantee quick turnaround time and delivery. Of course, you still need to make sure there are no hidden charges to ensure that you don’t end up with more than you bargained for.

If you are still in doubt of using the business cards in promoting your business, here are two reasons to convince you:

First, these cards are exceptionally cheap to produce compared to other marketing materials. By cheap here we don’t mean the quality but the price. You can practically create your cards at less than a dollar each with the right printing company. You need not stretch your budget just to create an attractive and compelling card. The printing companies themselves will help you save on your printing cost.

Second, these cards are keepers. If you come up with the best design, you can be sure that people will keep your cards. They are also handy so it would be easy to keep them around. When people are interested in a business or the products and services offered, they can easily keep your contact information in their wallet or card holder. This in turn gives you the convenience of staying with your customers for a long time. They can also be handed anytime and anywhere you meet prospective customers.

Tips in designing and distributing cards:

When designing your cards, make sure that you pick the right colors, font, ink, and paper materials. If you will be putting images and graphics in your business card templates, make sure that they are appropriate to the nature of your business. Keep in mind that your goal is to attract attention, so make sure that your cards are well designed.

In terms of distribution, leave them in places where your target customers are. This can be in restaurants, public libraries, public bulletin boards, salons, dentist’s office, and many others. There are other places in your neighbourhood you can leave your cards. It’s also best to bring your cards with you anywhere you go. You never know when you will meet potential customers.

Some simple tips on how to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the professional networking site which helps to connect with colleagues, partners, suppliers, etc. LinkedIn was found by Reid Hoffman and team members from Paypal and in December 2002 and launched in May 2003.According to latest report it has 150 plus million registered users from 200 countries. The main advantage and difference from other social networking site was LinkedIn provide facilities for registered users to manage contact details of people. Using LinkedIn, an employer can list out their potential candidates according to their requirements. It helps the employees to choose their job offers from the list. To make the site more reachable LinkedIn has introduced its mobile version site in February 2008. In this article I am going to discuss the methods to get more contacts on LinkedIn.

Methods to get more Professional Contacts in LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the powerful tools to connect people with job offers, order for new products, recruitment, professional contact etc. Once signed in the LinkedIn, you can search people who already use LinkedIn. Today, many professionals uses LinkedIn to connect with their group .If you use LinkedIn for business purpose in the right manner then you will definitely get more development.

Company profile creation: Create a LinkedIn profile for your company with information about your employees and your company’s description. Always create a link for your webpage with email address for communication. As a general trick to promote your profile, you can add a link for your LinkedIn profile at the signature of your Email. Using LinkedIn, one can have more connections via network expansion like friends, business partners, etc.

Photo uploading: In the profile, add a picture which can promote your appearance. The photo used should be with clear focus. This photo eases the visitors to rank you.

Profile optimization: LinkedIn profile should have keywords which optimize the search engine. Always update your profile without failure with current information. The profile info should have your personal style, voice, previous job etc.

Profile Headline: In LinkedIn the main attractive part is Headline, so while creating headline use attractive words which can be memorable easily and capture people’s attention. Always provide information’s regarding your goal, what you are doing currently etc.

Get valuable recommendations: LinkedIn’s shows people you have made contact with previously, current business clients, people you may know, etc. In this recommendation area you will get more comments about your work. The recommendation can be from clients, co-workers, etc. To get more recommendations from client be polite, thank them and please them so that they can provide good comments for your previous project.

Expanding your reach using groups: In LinkedIn, groups are considered as double-edged swords because joining groups is important. However, after joining a few courses, time will be difficult to manage. Using groups you can track the fellow professionals mind and their thinking. Groups provide a source to expand your network.

Build strong network connection: Hence you have invested lot of time in building up the professional trust with your co-worker of current, past. While inviting co-workers remember to invite co-workers who have more professional links with you.

Vanity URL: Businesspeople use LinkedIn with vanity URL which is specific for their business. This helps to keep your visibility high which helps to get more contacts. LinkedIn prohibits having more than three URL’s in your profile

Add blog feed: Using LinkedIn, you can integrate WordPress into your page. This allows others to get more ideas about your blogging habit.

Best Summary: The summary should have proper information with truth because this summary can provide you with more contacts. If you are poor in writing a summary then ask for assistance from friends or professionals.

Do research on your LinkedIn followers. Take full advantage while using LinkedIn by clicking through the profiles of your followers, have conversations with them, etc.

Posting news can reach more people than those participating in a discussion. The only thing you should keep in mind is to cover people by posting interesting news.

Link Twitter with LinkedIn: To get more contacts you can integrate the Twitter account with LinkedIn so that people in Twitter can contact you easily.


How to write a successful press release

Every businessman wants to be a successful corporate entity. All business owners try their best to market themselves and to be known all over the world. The more well known a company is the more the chances of higher sales and profits. But to be well known, every business needs an effective marketing plan. And here the importance of a good press release can be understood. A quality press release can be a very successful tool to grab attention from consumers and to make your presence felt in your industry. Press releases are now becoming the preferred route to announce news and to build media relations.

Press releases are very helpful in Promoting Media Relations. Press releases increase your product/service’s awareness and build your credibility among your industry and clients. Press releases circulated through a strong medium can work very well against your rivals. Such is the effect that every big corporate nowadays issue press releases to market themselves all around the world.

How do you write the best press release to convey your message? What is the best strategy for a press release? There are thousands of other companies who send out press releases. So what make your press release so unique? How can you make it stand out from the rest of the competition? Make the people know that you are the best in your field. The trick is to write about feature leads for your products and services. This will enlighten people about your product and also may entice the readers. They will know your products advantages, highlights which will make them more favourably inclined to prefer your products. But just listing the product features is not enough. You have to use them creatively. Compare it favourably with competing projects. Indulge in bit of hyperbole and make the features quantifiable. The press release needs to be attractive and eye catching. Grab attention with the title of your write-up. Generic titles will be lost in the crowd. The press release should be interesting and should be able to engage the reader till the end. The message should be conveyed effectively.

A Business Owner should always keep on testing new marketing strategies and not get complacent. S/he will undergo lot of challenges and up & downs and hence should remain steadfast in his/her commitment to the passion and company. Perseverance is often the most defining factor between success and failure. Be innovative and resourceful and results will be visible soon!

How web pages are ranked

Search engines use algorithms to determine where a web page ranks for a particular keyword used in a search. Algorithms are programming systems that determine how a search engine indexes content and displays the results to its users.

Two main factors search engines use to determine ranking is the content on a web page and “off- page-factors” (such as the text used along with links that point to a web page). The latter to our mind is very important and neglected by most companies.

The factors such as content ‘scored’ on a web page vary with differing weights given by different search engines. However, some things such as the positioning of keywords and frequency we consider universally important. For instance, keywords or phrases that occur in headings, page titles and other key places on the web page are more significant than keywords that appear in a more random fashion in the middle of a page.

When considering “offsite” factors, the number of quality pages linking to a web page is significant to a web page’s ranking. Good websites have many other sites that link to them. More recently, the advent of social networking and forums adds a new and very important dynamic – consumer buzz.

At the same time, the relevance of linking is important too and determines “link relevance” and weighting. In short, this means that a link to your page from a similar website or a page having the same keywords as the page linked to is more important than a link to your web page from an unrelated sight or page with different content. The text in the link itself is also important, known as “anchor text” or “link reputation”. Link reputation is widely accepted as a main factor for Google’s PageRank system.

In short, PageRank reflects the quality of a web page. The number of links pointing to that page has a direct influence on PageRank, but abuse forces Google to change its algorithm and thus we to modify our strategy to demonstrate our websites are deserving of our popularity. At the same time, the higher the importance of a website that links to a web page, the better it is the better that is for the linked pages rankings.

It is important to note that each web page has an assigned rank, which divides amongst the links going out from that page. The more links that point out from a web page the less important each link becomes. Therefore, PageRank is not only about a link coming from a popular site, it is also proportional to the number of links going out from that site.

How to use your Facebook page to promote your business

Facebook introduced a renovated application for business which gives you added look and control for your business site .With the help of new page you can interact personally with fans via enhanced graphics design. The renovated Facebook timeline has organized status update and photo sharing by user’s can be done by month and years with more clear and large displayed photos. Facebook Timeline can actively market your product and helps to reach the targeted customer’s. Facebook Timelines for brand can be easily created with the same format as personal profile creation. In this article I am going to discuss the methods to get popularity for your brand by using Facebook Timeline.

Methods to gain popularity of your brand

Create apps for Timeline: Create apps so that the user can communicate with you easily. If you have added apps in Facebook it will appear as tabs with thumbnail images beneath your cover photo of the page. Business people must create apps for their brand to leverage their customer interaction opportunity. Using Facebook Timeline you can have up to 12 apps on you page. 

Create new cover and profile photo: Manage to showcase your brand by uploading a cover photo while creating new design. If possible and your budget permits consult a graphic designer for designing the page. The ideal size of photo used in cover should be 851 by 315pixels.This cover photo appears on the top of your page, when visitors visit your Facebook page it will impress them. This image should be attractive and must promote your brand visually. The profile photo used in profile should be a small image of 180 by 180 pixel size, if you already have a profile then your existing profile image will appear besides your status updates. The image used in profile photo should be clear and you may include company website URL also.

Pinning the posts: At the top of your Timeline you can pin your content to be posted. Once pinned the content will be available for 7days with validity at the top of the Facebook TimeLine. Using this, a businessman can promote his products and latest offers to customers, can provide hints regarding their new product launch, etc… Always be sure to use all the features of Facebook Timeline like pinning major events, key posts and connect it with your personalized Tab site where the visitor can get more information.

Alterations in Layout: The contents of the existing page should be at the middle with 810 pixels wide. The application icon size was changed to 111 by 74 pixels. The main task of a business company was to optimize the information’s as described above the fold such as visible tabs and header photo.

Milestones: It is an area where you can share your company history, stories that create emotional connection between your brand, visitors and customers. Hence the Facebook Timeline is a new feature, always be ready to do several trials to attract customers. In milestone you can have product launch, any events details, development information’s etc… Always remember to include information’s like company start date and any other vital programs of company. Here you can add photos, videos, personalize content of your industry.

Stars: Stars are also called as highlight which helps to highlight important post of your brands which can be prominently displayed. If need to star a post just click the star icon that appears on your page. Milestones cannot be starred.

Messages: Using Timeline features user or a fan can send his private message to brand page. Therefore it provides a good opportunity to connect to potential customers and responds to them directly without delay.

Track friendly activities: If people visit your page they can be able to see their friend’s interaction regarding the company at the top of company page. This helps the company to become an established and trust worthy brand.

Tagging photos: Tagging photos is an effective way to promote your business and makes customers in active role. The tagging pictures can be business related, employees, products, etc. The tagged photos will appear at the series of five thumbnails images at the top of the Facebook business page while logged in. The tagged photos appearance can be customized by clicking the ‘X’ at the upper right so that the particular photo cannot appear at your page.

Promotion: According to Facebook many companies has switched to adapt Facebook Timeline hence it provide more promotional options with visual support, to showcase the brand fame. Try to respond for negative comments: Once you get a negative comment from user or visitor don’t try to avoid them because this will cause a negative impression about your product, so always try to feedback to all type of comments.

Conclusion: By following the advantages along with, above discussed guidelines of Facebook Timeline one can get more good healthy relationship with others. When Facebook Timeline application is used in business with proper manner one can achieve his expected target customers without failure. 

How to successfully work from home

There are so many out-of-works, underemployed, or just would be entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to work from their homes and make money. Rest assured, be it a part-time job to earn extra income, or running a small, full-time business, people are working from home and succeeding. The key to working from home is to 1) adhere to the law of Supply and Demand, and 2) treat your work-from-home job like an office job. If you follow these rules rigidly then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot get out of the job you are doing now and work for yourself.

The law of Supply and Demand

The first test in any Economics 101 class will cover the law of “Supply and Demand”. Basically it is this: if there is a demand, there will be a supply. If there is a want or need someone will step up to fill it. How this effects you is quite simple. You need to fulfill a community demand. Where it gets less simple is in defining “demand”. “Demand” is also relative to the supply. What that means is that while people may want Mary Kay cosmetics, there may be too many suppliers in your region for that particular demand. So your work from home business must: Meet a known demand Be either a unique supplier, or one of a few suppliers.

The trick is in accomplishing this. Here is a step-by-step approach to coming up with your work from home business idea: 1.Make a list of products or services that you need. If you need them, chances are someone else does, too. 2.Scratch off those ideas that cannot either be done in your home, or performed from/run out of your home 3.Do some research, asking yourself: who else is supplying this product or service, what are their rates, what do they give you for the price. 4.Scratch off those products or services that have more then four suppliers in your region 5.Scratch off those products or services that are too costly in start up or maintenance. 6.Pick from the list of what’s left.

Treat your home office like it’s in a fancy high rise.

One mistake that lots of people make when they work from home is to work at the kitchen table, the sofa, their bed, etc. If you want your business to work (and for you to receive tax deductions) create an office space and work in it. Keeping a home office allows you to deduct: Some of your monthly mortgage or rent Some of your utilities Some of your phone or broadband bill Computers, fax machines, phones, etc Office supplies Without a separate office space you cannot utilize these deductions, and they are very good deductions come tax season so if there is no other incentive, think about that one.

Keep regular office hours. Treat your work from home business like any other legitimate business enterprise. Invest in office equipment and proper software. Show your customers and the IRS that you mean business. Thousands of people have successful people have run businesses out of their home and you can, too. Just be following these steps and keep the faith.